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Herbal News

New Anti-malarials from Plants

It’s important that we continue to find new antimalarials because the parasite becomes resistant. The current main therapy is ACT (artemisinin-based combination treatment), introduced when the parasite became resistant to chloroquine, a quinine derivative. >> Read full article.

This Chinese herbal medicine could be the cure for Ebola

In the search for a safe and effective treatment for the Ebola virus, researchers from Texas have discovered a novel compound found in a natural Chinese herb that they say works better than any experimental pharmaceutical or vaccine at blocking the virus from interacting with cells, thus preventing it from taking hold and infecting the body.
>> Read full article

Hospital superbug MRSA subdued by British folk remedy

An herbal remedy used to treat styes in the 9th Century has been used successfully to kill MRSA. MRSA or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 9, is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that kills tens of thousands of people every year. >> Read full article

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